We have just completed week 3 of lockdown, cancelling people’s weddings is devastating, we really feel for the bride and grooms who have put in countless hours and money into what is ultimately the biggest days of their lives together.
When people cancel a wedding it has a massive on flow effect in the industry as well starting from the reception venue right down to the flower shop and of course our industry, limousine hire.
We always hope to have created enough good will in the community to get the re scheduled booking.

Speaking of community we are always looking at effective ways to give back which we have done over the last 4 years, in this time we have given away Coastline Limousine vouchers, bakery vouchers, merchandise, flowers and much more.
On Sunday morning the 18/7/21 as we sat and ate breakfast with the family and said our prayers that we were blessed to have food on the table, I thought ‘how many family’s don’t have this luxury during this extremely hard time?’
So I got my thinking cap on and remembered a local business Ariels cafe that is only doing takeaway are serving this delicious box of Nutella waffles, ‘great I’m going to purchase a box and give it out to one of our customers who may be having a difficult time.’
So we put a post up and our very very first customers who, we had the privilege of doing their wedding 4 years ago put their hand up and within an hour received this box of goodness.
So remember giving is always better than receiving.
We got to help the local business, we blessed another family, and our kids learnt a lesson in humanity.
We will try and run this every Sunday during this difficult time.
Stay safe stay blessed

Coastline Limousines