Christmas Limo Hire Wollongong


It’s that time of year again where we break out the colourful clothes, put up the tree and spend time with our friends and family.

Everyone has things they need to do in December as it is the busiest time of the year with work Christmas parties, children’s plays and getting everything organised for December 25th. It’s a crazy time of year where there is a good to fair chance that something will go wrong and muck up all your plans, but we can make sure that driving and travel won’t be one.

Here at Coast Line Limousines, we specialise in getting people to and from their destination within their timeframe with no problems, and we cater to any number of events so no matter what you have coming up we can help.

Now, what events can we help with this December?


Work Christmas Parties

Your work Christmas party is the one time of year you get to blow off steam with your co-workers after 12 months of hard work, but you don’t want to be the only person at your Christmas party who isn’t drinking do you? Well with Coast Line Limousines not only can you have a few drinks with your friends and co-workers, but you can be dropped off and picked up in one of our stylish luxury cars or limos.


Christmas Light Looking

This is a tradition that we have all grown up with and still practice to this day, and people of all ages can enjoy this activity. Although it can be stressful when you are drinking, and you have a car full of people talking and telling you where to go, so let us handle that instead. You can plan a route and give it to one of our excellent drivers, and they will make sure you see all the lights you want.


Travel to and from the Airport

This time of year is when relatives come to stay with you for what seems like an eternity, and it can be especially bad if you are late to pick them up at their airport, so take the worry away and allow Coast Line Limousines to pick them up for you. We will make sure we are on time to pick them up, and we will provide a relaxing ride to your home in style and comfort.

Coast Line Limousines are the standard-bearer of the travel industry, and we only continue to get better as time passes, and we continue to upgrade our car selection.

We offer a range of high-end luxury vehicles you can choose from, all of which are regularly serviced and cleared so you can be assured that not only will the car look great, there won’t be any kind of mechanical failure that keeps you from being on time.

To book a date with us or to ask about the rest of our services, call +61 407 898 600 today and arrive in style.

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